MyPay - UK leading PAYE Umbrella Company for freelance and contractor payroll
£7 per week discount
MyPay preferred payroll
supplier for MPI contractors


As a specialist payroll provider covering industries such as rail, aviation, defence and telecommunications as well as numerous others; MyPay is confident that we can provide you with everything you require from your payroll provider.


At MyPay we have worked hard with Morgan Philips to ensure that you receive the highest level of customer care whilst having the peace of mind of working with a FCSA Accredited Umbrella Company.


As a special offer to all MPI contractors we have agreed to provide a £7 discount per week, ensuring you receive our market leading systems and level of service for a reduced margin.


As a MyPay member you will receive the following benefits:


Guaranteed payments
24 hour portal access
Reduced margin for MPI members £18 per week (just £10.11 after tax and NIC relief)
Expenses submitted online, email, fax or post
FCSA Accredited Umbrella Company
Full Account Managed Service
Full insurance cover (Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability)
Plus many more benefits