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In order to know whether IR35 affects yourself you need to know if you are deemed employed or self employed. As this is not clear from the IR35 legislation the HM Revenue & Customs issued IR56 to help clarify.

The IR56 asks questions to establish the control, financial risk, mutality of obligation that is important in determaining an individual to be self employed as opposed to deemed employed.

Example questions used to establish employment status (IR56 test)

The results of the IR56 test will help determine your status, however this is just a guide and a lot of it is open to personal interpretation.

The uncertainty of employment status makes an Umbrella Company such as MyPay very attractive as it guarantees that you do not breach any IR35 regulation. This means regardless of employment status you will be 100% compliant when you use MyPay.

For information on IR35 click here.
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Managed Service Company Legislation (MSC)
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