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If you're unhappy with your current Umbrella Company, change to MyPay

Changing Umbrella Companies is an extremely easy procedure and something that MyPay can do for you. So if you are not getting the service you feel you deserve, there is nothing stopping you changing today. Simply let MyPay know you want to change and one of our Account Manager's will contact your agency and arrange everything for you, it could not be simpler.

The common reasons why people leave their current Umbrella Company to join MyPay:

Waiting too long for your money?
Are you having to wait to get paid, your Umbrella Company has the money but for whatever reason (slow processing, BACS payments, errors) you are not getting the money into your account the same day. Move to MyPay we guarantee that when we receive your money, you will have it in your account that day and usually within 2 hours.

Poor service and no Account Manager?
If you are new to contracting or even experienced, there will probably be lots of questions you want to ask. If you have to explain this to someone new every time you phone, it won't be too long before you get tired of repeating yourself. This is why MyPay allocates all our members an Account Manager a single point of contact who will look after all of your queries, so they will know your background and be able to get straight to the point.

Expensive margins?
A lot of companies have a higher margin than MyPay do to process your pay, including some which are a percentage of your earnings. This means the more you earn the higher the margin, even though the process is the same whether you earn 100 a week or 5000 a week. MyPay provides a fantastic service at a standard weekly or monthly margin irrespective of your rate of pay

The company doesn't offer all the services you need?
There are an increasing number of Umbrella Companies in the market place today, but not all provide the same service and financial security of an established, experienced Umbrella Company such as MyPay. MyPay have been trading since 2007 and are a successfull audited company, this provides you with the reassurance that you have made a safe choice when choosing MyPay to look after your payroll.

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